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Frequently Asked Question!

Vitelity provides dial tone and telephone numbers that support local calling, long distance, international, toll free and fax services. In addition, we support many popular calling features such as 911 and Directory Listings.
Vitelity services will work with most SIP-capable hardware or software. We do not sell any proprietary equipment for standard VoIP calling, but we do have recommendations for vendors whose service and equipment have been certified to work well with Vitelity. You can review them here:
Due to the overwhelming number of VoIP/SIP devices in the market we are unable to provide configuration assistance. We do provide resources in our customer portal that will give you most of the information needed to get the device(s) talking to our network. Vitelity does have a Professional Services Group (PSG) that can be hired to help with advanced configuration and/or troubleshooting on the more popular platforms like Asterisk, and 3CX.
Probably not. We do offer White Pages listing service but it web-based. However, you should contact your local White/Yellow Pages provider and see what their policy is for listing virtual or VoIP numbers in their directories.
The unlimited DID is sold as-is and cannot be modified. To have more than 4 inbound channels, you will need to utilize pay-per-minute DIDs or virtual PRI options.